Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes Review

Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes Review

By Paul Liberatore



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If you’re a serious golfer, you know how important it is to have the right pair of shoes. The problem is that most golfers care most about how stylish their shoes are and how comfortably they fit. While these are certainly important factors to consider, performance is something that all too often gets overlooked.

The folks at Athalonz know this and they’ve made it their mission to design a shoe that not only looks and feels great, but affords maximum performance as well.
Hence their EnVe golf shoe. There’s a reason some of the best players in the world, like Bernhard Langer, trust this shoe to help them play their best.
Let’s have a closer look.

Key Features

Patented midsole keeps weight centered to enhance stability, reduce swaying, and increase power by maximizing ground reaction force.

Grip and Glide outsole provides unsurpassed traction.

Weight of 11 ounces is one of the lightest shoes on the market.

Design and Technology

The moment you try on a pair of EnVe golf shoes from Athalonz, you know they’re more than just another run-of-the-mill golf shoe. Indeed, the EnVe is jam packed with the very best in design and technology.

What stands out immediately is a midsole that’s engineered to provide the utmost stability while maximizing the transfer or power between your feet and the ground. The result? Solid contact and increased distance on every shot.

The shoe itself is made of premium lockdown leather that’s both comfortable and durable. The EnVe will stand the test of time.

The laces are biomechanically designed to give the top of your foot plenty of room to move naturally, while keeping it secure and in place.

Stability and comfort don’t stop there. The toe box features a flex zone which allows the ball of your foot to roll naturally throughout the swing. It’s also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about your toes getting wet on sloppy days.

The top of the EnVe features a support bootie that gives your ankle added support on uneven lies and slippery surfaces. 


  • Expert design and engineering allow for maximum stability and performance.
  • Plenty of size choices for both men and women.
  • Midsole design provides excellent stability and performance.


  • Price point is higher than other premium golf shoes.
  • Lack of color choices may be a deterrent for some golfers.
  • May not be as breathable as other shoes on the market.

Our Experience

When I first heard about the Athalonz EnVe golf shoe, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. I mean, how much technology can there really be in a golf shoe?

Boy, was I in for a surprise? This golf shoe is hands down, the most comfortable, stable, and high-performing golf shoe I’ve ever worn. 

I thought I’d see what the hype was all about, so I took them out for a 36-hole test drive at one of my favorite local munis. Never did I slip and lose my balance. Not once did my feet get sore. By the end of the day, my arms and body were tired (from making more swings than I should have), but my feet felt like a million bucks.

In short, the Athalonz EnVe golf shoes are at the top of my list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Athalonz Enve Performance Golf Shoes Accommodate Wide Feet?

Yes, the Athalonz EnVe golf shoes can accommodate wide feet. They provide excellent comfort, arch support, and breathability. As someone with wide feet, I appreciate the roomy fit and the overall performance they provide on the course.

How Does the Sizing of Athalonz Enve Performance Golf Shoes Compare to Other Popular Golf Shoe Brands?

In my experience, sizing comparison between Athalonz EnVe and popular golf shoe brands like Ecco and Skechers showed varied comfort levels. While Athalonz may not suit narrow feet, it provided a stable and snug fit for others.

Are the Athalonz Enve Performance Golf Shoes Suitable for Walking Long Distances on the Golf Course?

For walking long distances on the golf course, the Athalonz EnVe Performance Golf Shoes are comfortable and durable. They provide excellent stability and support. However, the style options are limited, and the price range is higher.

Do the Athalonz Enve Performance Golf Shoes Provide Good Traction on Different Types of Terrain?

Walking confidently on any terrain is a breeze in these shoes. The traction performance is top-notch, ensuring stability and grip. Plus, the durability and comfort make every step a pleasure.

Are the Athalonz Enve Performance Golf Shoes Easy to Clean and Maintain?

I find the Athalonz EnVe Performance Golf Shoes to be relatively easy to clean and maintain. A quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps them looking fresh. I recommend spot cleaning as needed and establishing a regular maintenance schedule to extend their lifespan.


If you haven’t heard of the Athalonz EnVe golf shoe, I’m not surprised. The company hasn’t been around that long. With that being said, it won’t be long before Athalonz and its flagship shoe become household names.

The design, technology, and performance this shoe provides are cutting edge and unmatched. 

If you’re looking for style, performance, and a shoe that’s going to last, you can’t go wrong with the Athalonz EnVe. 

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

As the Founder of Golfers Authority Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment or instruction from the top golf instructors in the world. He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated Golf and GolfWRX. After graduating with honors from Purdue University, he realized that he had a passion for the golf business and the law. When he's not practicing law, or creating golf content on YouTube, he can be found on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast talking with the most prolific leaders in the golf industry. 

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