C3i Wedge Review

C3i Wedge Review

By Paul Liberatore



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The c3i Wedge has gained the attention of many golfers since it was first introduced in Golf Digest. With a design engineered specifically to make shots from in and around the green easier for any golfer who struggles with them, the c3i Wedge can help any golfer become more consistent with their short game.

Key Features

The c3i Wedge features an Auto-Glide Extreme Sole. When compared to more traditional wedges on the market today, it stands out as unique. The sole is designed to slide along the ground throughout the swing, making it a very forgiving wedge.

The c3i Wedge’s center-of-gravity is moved higher in comparison to more traditional wedges. This not only provides more stability through impact, it can increase the spin of your shots.

Unlike other wide-soled wedges, the c3i Wedge maintains the classic teardrop design, making it a confidence-inspiring club. The polymer insert in the cavity promotes greater feel on all shots.

Design and Technology

The c3i Wedge is designed to make chipping and pitching easier for players, and it all starts with the Auto-Glide Extreme Sole. In comparison to more traditional wedges, which have thinner soles that are more likely to get stuck in the ground on heavy shots, the hybrid-like sole of the c3i Wedge limits the possibility for it to dig into the turf. 

The result is better contact more consistently, greatly reducing the chances of hitting your pitch shots from around the green fat.

The c3i Wedge has optimized the center-of-gravity by placing it higher in the clubhead. This change in the center-of-gravity, according to the manufacturer, increases the spin by 55% from the fairway and the bunker. Since so many recreational golfers struggle with increasing spin from around the greens, this feature in the c3i Wedge can help players of all skill levels have more control over the golf ball.

The black finish of the c3i Wedge helps limit the amount of glare off the clubface, which is incredibly useful, especially for golfers who play in areas of high sunshine. There is also a handy alignment feature in the c3i wedge: the bottom groove is painted white, making it easier to set up exactly at your target.


  • Makes any shot around the green easier to execute.
  • Very easy to make consistent contact with the ball on any lie.
  • Bunker shots come out consistently with this wedge


  • Cast instead of forged, this can cause a lack of feel.
  • The high amount of loft can make it tough to use on chip shots.
  • Fluffy sand can be a tough shot with the wide sole.

Our Experience

Our experience with the C3i Wedge revealed a club designed to simplify short-game shots for golfers of various skill levels. The wedge's standout feature is its wide, auto-glide sole, which helps prevent chunking and promotes cleaner contact from various lies.

The C3i Wedge incorporates technology from other industries to create a more forgiving club. Its design aims to reduce the learning curve typically associated with wedge play, making it easier for golfers to get the ball airborne and onto the green.

We found that the wedge performed particularly well from bunkers and rough lies. The auto-glide sole helped the club move smoothly through sand and thick grass, reducing the chances of digging or getting stuck.

This feature can be especially beneficial for golfers who struggle with consistency in their short game.

While the C3i Wedge offers improved forgiveness and ease of use, it's worth noting that it may not provide the same level of versatility and shot-shaping ability as some traditional wedges. Advanced players who prefer more control and workability might find the C3i limiting in certain situations.

Overall, our experience suggests that the C3i Wedge could be a valuable addition to the bags of golfers looking to simplify their short game and improve their consistency around the greens. Its innovative design and forgiving nature make it particularly suitable for high-handicappers or those struggling with traditional wedge play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the C3i wedge actually work as advertised?

The review suggests that the C3i wedge does perform well for many golfers, especially those who struggle with bunker shots. It was found to be effective in getting the ball out of sand traps and producing good results from tight lies.

How does the C3i wedge compare to traditional wedges?

  1. According to the test results, the C3i wedge outperformed traditional wedges for most testers. It produced tighter average proximity to the hole and left fewer shots in the bunker compared to a traditional sand wedge.

Who is the C3i wedge best suited for?

  1. The C3i wedge seems to be most beneficial for weekend golfers, high handicappers, and those who struggle to get the ball out of sand traps consistently. It may not be ideal for golfers who already have a practiced "bunker swing".

What are the key features of the C3i wedge?

The C3i wedge features a dark chrome finish to reduce glare, a wide sole for improved glide through sand and rough, and is designed to be used with a simple, square setup and full swing approach.

Are there any drawbacks to using the C3i wedge?

One potential drawback mentioned in a review was that the leading edge of the club quickly lost its paint after only 30-40 practice shots. Additionally, some golfers may find it less versatile for certain types of shots compared to traditional wedges.


The c3i Wedge utilizes specialty technology designed to make the short game easier. Whether it’s from tight lies, the rough, or the sand, the c3i wedge delivers consistent results for golfers of all skill levels. This wedge, with its flatter sole, higher center-of-gravity, and stable clubface, can help anyone hit every short game shot with confidence.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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