Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge Review

Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge Review

By Paul Liberatore



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The Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge is considered one of the best wedges Callaway Golf has ever designed, and for good reason. On its 2017 Hot List, Golf Digest gave the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge its highest rating of Gold. Many PGA Tour winners have trusted Callaway Wedges, and amateurs love the Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge for its versatility, spin control, and forgiveness. If you are in the market for a wedge that will deliver the very best in overall performance, the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge could be the wedge for you.

Key Features

The Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge is the first wedge to utilize Progressive Groove Optimization. Basically, depending on the loft, these wedges have different spacing in their groove patters to optimize performance.

Three grind options allow golfers to handle just about any lie and shot, as well as be tailored to every player’s swing tendencies.

The weight ports in the back of the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge remove weight at the bottom which moves the center of gravity towards the sweet spot, which is ideal for wedges.

Design and Technology

The Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge is one of the most technologically advanced wedges ever designed, and it starts with the innovative Progressive Groove Optimization. While most wedge grooves have the same pattern on all lofts, the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge’s pitching wedge and gap wedges have narrower grooves, making them perform closer to your short irons. The sand wedges have closer to standard grooves to improve spin on full and bunker shots, and the lob wedges have wider grooves to help increase spin from the heavy rough.

Modern wedge design is keen on improving the center of gravity, which is as close to the sweet spot as possible. The Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge uses weight ports, which removes weight from the sole of the golf club. By removing this weight, the center of gravity moves higher into the perfect spot to optimize feel, forgiveness, and control.

Sole grinds make playing a wide array of short game shots easier, and help players depending on their swing tendencies. The most versatile sole grind of the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge is the S-Grind, which can be used for a variety of lies from the rough, sand, and fairway. For shallower divots and better control from further conditions, the C-Grind wedge is great for golfers who tend to sweep the ball off the turn. Lastly, the wide sole of the W-Grind suits golfers with steep attack angles and shots that require steep angles, such as high rough.


  • One of the most technologically advanced wedges in golf
  • Extremely versatile sole grinds
  • Optimal spin rates from every lie, from sand to high grass and the rough


  • Less aesthetically appealing compared to other modern wedges
  • Harder to spin pitch shots
  • Requires tinkering and testing to find the right combination for your game

Our Experience

The Callaway MD3 Milled wedges offer a solid performance upgrade over previous models, with several key improvements that make them a great choice for many golfers.

The most notable enhancements are the three different sole grinds (S, W, and C) that provide versatility for various swing types, course conditions, and shot needs. The S Grind is the most versatile, the W Grind works well in soft conditions and for steep attack angles, while the C Grind excels in firm conditions and for open-faced shots.

Callaway also implemented "Progressive Groove Optimization" - a three-groove package that is precision milled into the face to optimize spin based on loft. The lower lofted wedges have smaller grooves to keep spin manageable on full shots, while the higher lofts have larger grooves for more spin control around the greens.

The MD3 wedges have a balanced, high-toe profile with a semi-straight leading edge. The weight ports in the rear cavity help reposition the CG for better shot-making, especially from deep rough. While the heads can't be customized with stampings or paint fill like some other models, the performance is the priority.

Overall, the Callaway MD3 Milled wedges are a solid, versatile option that will perform well for most golfers when properly fit to their swing and course conditions. The multiple sole grinds and optimized grooves make them a significant upgrade over previous Callaway wedges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Wedge Compare to Other Wedges in Terms of Feel and Performance?

Compared to TaylorMade wedges, Callaway wedges offer exceptional feel and versatile performance. The Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Wedge delivers precise control and consistent spin, making it a top choice for golfers seeking top-notch wedge performance.

Are There Any Specific Drills or Practice Routines Recommended to Fully Utilize the Forgiveness and Playability of the Wedge?

I’ve found that incorporating bunker play drills, such as hitting from different lies and distances, has improved my forgiveness with the wedge. Additionally, fine-tuning shot selection through varied lie practice has enhanced playability.

Can the Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Wedge Be Customized or Fitted to Suit Individual Swing Characteristics and Preferences?

Yes, the Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Wedge can be customized to suit individual swing characteristics and preferences. Callaway offers fitting options to adjust the wedge for personalized feel and performance. I found the fitting process informative and beneficial for my game.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance or Care Instructions for the Chrome Finish of the Wedge to Ensure Longevity and Performance?

To keep the chrome finish of the wedge in top shape, I recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the finish, and store the wedge in a protective headcover to maintain its performance longevity.

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Products Recommended to Complement the Use of the Mack Daddy 3 Chrome Wedge, Such as Specific Golf Balls or Grips?

When it comes to the Mack Daddy 3 Chrome wedge, choosing the right golf ball is crucial for optimal performance. I recommend considering softer balls for added spin and control. As for grip options, a tacky and comfortable grip can enhance your feel and confidence during swings.2


We love the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge for its incredibly versatile design, varying groove depth, and amazing feel from around the greens and from 100 yards and in. This wedge is great for every skill level of golfer who is looking for better performance in the short game. If you are searching for a great short game club that delivers unmatched spin and trajectory control, the Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge is perfect for you.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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