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By Paul Liberatore



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Callaway’s new Rogue family of drivers is the latest new club released for 2018 that is attracting a lot of attention. The Rogue is the next evolution in Callaway drivers that builds on the successes of the hugely successful GBB Epic drivers. The GBB Epic is clearly an outstanding and successful driver. According to Callaway, it is the #1 selling driver in the US and the GBB Epic Sub Zero and GBB Epic were chosen as the #1 and #2 drivers for 2017 in the GolfWRX Members’ Choice poll.

As the old adage goes, if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it. Callaway took this to heart with the new Rogue drivers. Both Jailbreak and Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technologies have been used before, but Callaway really worked on tweaking them in the Rogue Driver to get even greater ball speed and distance. The new and improved Jailbreak technology uses an hourglass shape rather than the vertical rods found in the GBB Epic to improve the weight by 25%. The new VFT feature, X-face, strategically changes the thickness of the face of the driver in the center and perimeter to increase forgiveness and create improved ball speed, even on off-center hits.

Golf digest chose the Rogue as one of its 2018 Hot List Gold Medal winners, and for good reason. The Rogue improves on the GBB Epic to provide even better ball speed and performance features that make this driver ideal for golfers who have mid to high handicaps and are looking for more ball speed off of the tee.

The Rogue Driver comes in 3 versions – the Rogue, the Rogue Draw, and the Rogue Sub-Zero. The Rogue is the standard version. The Draw includes additional weight that is moved toward the heel to adjust the center of gravity and create a draw bias to combat the slice. The Sub-Zero has the same features but in a smaller form and has interchangeable weights to create lower spin and more forgiveness. It is aimed more at the low handicap golfer and tour pros, but many average golfers also prefer it.

To learn more about the Rogue family lineup, we have performed a comprehensive review on each of the various versions, including the Rogue Driver, Rogue Draw Driver, and the Rogue Sub Zero Driver. Please take a look and let us know what you think about these amazing clubs.

Key Features

As with the Epic, the Rogue also includes Jailbreak technology which improves ball speed by optimizing the performance of the head at impact. This is achieved through stiffening the connection between the crown and sole of the head of the club.

The X-Face technology in the Rogue is a Variable Face Thickness that strategically increases thickness in the middle and decreases it around the edges of the face of the club to resemble an x-shape. This results in faster ball speeds for off-center hits, complementing the Jailbreak feature.

Callaway collaborated again with Boeing on the aerodynamic Speed Step technology for the geometry of the head of the Rogue driver to optimize the aerodynamics of the leading edge, improving airflow and promoting faster swing speeds.

Design and Technology

To get the most out of each drive, the Rogue’s design and technology is primarily targeted at getting faster ball speeds and faster swings. Jailbreak and X-Face VFT work together to promote faster ball speeds, even for off-center hits. The aerodynamic Speed Step design helps optimize the airflow around the leading edge of the club face, increasing the swing speed.

Jailbreak technology was introduced in 2017 for the GBB Epic. Callaway used vertical metal rods to connect the crown and sole of the head of the club. The effect is to make the body stiffer and allow the face to create higher ball speed by taking on higher loads. This same technology is present in the Rogue drivers, but has changed slightly. Now the rods are hourglass-shaped titanium rods that are 25% lighter and also make the X-Face VFT technology possible.

For X-Face VFT, Callaway strategically altered the thickness of the face of the head to improve forgiveness for off-center hits. Callaway analyzed simulated ball impacts at over 100 different locations on the face and adjusted the thickness at those points accordingly. The result helps the face to flex faster on off-center hits, which increases forgiveness allows for increased ball speed even when the ball is hit off-center.

Callaway first partnered with Boeing for the XR 16 driver. Engineers from both companies worked together to analyze the path of the club head on the downswing through impact, including acceleration points and clubhead rotation. Then they used Boeing’s advanced modeling software to optimize the air flow over the crown and reduce drag by utilizing a Speed Step trigger near the top edge of the face. The same Speed Step aerodynamic design is found in the Rogue and has been refined to be even more efficient and increase the club head speed. 

On the Rogue, Callaway also utilizes their largest ever Triaxial Carbon Crown to further strengthen and reduce weight. The weight is redistributed to the perimeter to significantly improve the moment of inertia and forgiveness on the Rogue from the GBB Epic.


  • Forgiving of off-center hits due to the X-Face VFT.
  • Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT work tighter to achieve faster ball speeds and farther drives.
  • The industry-leading Boeing Aero package helps golfers get faster head speeds.


  • Lacks any ability to adjust the center of gravity and MOI.
  • Does not provide the slice correction of the Rogue Draw or lower ball speeds of the Rogue Sub-Zero.
  • For golfers that already have the Epic, it may not be enough of an improvement.

Our Experience

The Callaway Rogue driver is an exceptional offering that delivers on its promises of increased forgiveness and stability. Its unique triangular shape and high MOI design provide an incredibly forgiving and stable feel at impact, even on mishits. The face height appears taller than typical drivers, inspiring confidence at address.

The sound and feel of the Rogue driver are truly impressive. While initial strikes may produce a hollow metallic sound, pure center strikes result in a powerful, rock-solid "thwack" that feels like it could tear through the net. Remarkably, the driver is so stable that off-center hits feel indistinguishable from pure strikes through your hands.

In terms of performance, the Rogue driver excels in forgiveness and stability, retaining impressive ball speeds even on mishits. It keeps every drive in play, producing a consistent draw bias with tight dispersion. The adjustable hosel allows you to tweak loft and lie angle, but you cannot adjust the center of gravity.

Callaway offers a variety of premium stock shaft options, including the Aldila Quaranta, Synergy, Project X EvenFlow, and HZRDUS Yellow, catering to different weight preferences. Working with a fitter is recommended to find the optimal shaft for your swing.

Overall, the Callaway Rogue driver surpasses expectations, delivering exceptional forgiveness, stability, and distance retention on mishits, making it a standout choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Callaway Rogue Driver

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Specific Loft and Weight Options Available for the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver?

I can choose from various loft and weight options for the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver, allowing for customization. The driver also features Speed Step technology for improved airflow and faster head speed, with accessories included.

Can the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver Be Customized to Fit an Individual Golfer’s Swing and Preferences?

I’d say, the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver offers a range of customization options for individual golfer’s preferences. This results in enhanced performance benefits, such as improved distance and forgiveness, making it a top choice for golfers.

How Does the Speed Step Technology, Developed by Boeing and Callaway, Contribute to Improved Airflow and Faster Head Speed?

The Speed Step Technology, developed by Boeing and Callaway, enhances airflow, increasing head speed. With improved aerodynamics, the driver reduces drag, allowing for faster clubhead velocity, contributing to longer and more powerful drives.

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Tools Included With the Purchase of the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver?

Yes, the purchase of the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver includes additional accessories and tools. It came perfectly packaged, with a tool and head cover. The inclusion of these extras was a pleasant surprise.

What Are the Specific Differences and Improvements Between the 2018 and 2020 Models of the Callaway Golf Rogue Driver?

The differences and improvements between the 2018 and 2020 Callaway Golf Rogue drivers lie in enhanced technology, performance, and customization options. The 2020 model boasts updated features, providing better overall performance and more customizable options for golfers.


Callaway builds on the smashing success of the GBB Epic to create an even better driver – the new Rogue. The Rogue uses an improved Jailbreak technology with carefully engineered X-Face VFT to increase ball speed and forgiveness. Callaway also aerodynamically designed the Rogue driver to improve head speeds by optimizing the air flow and reducing drag. 

The result is a driver that avoids a complete redesign of the highly acclaimed GBB Epic, and instead improves upon what made that driver so good. The Rogue is an excellent choice for any golfer, but mid to high handicap golfers will find the most benefit with increased forgiveness and ball speeds.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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