Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver Review

Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver Review

By Paul Liberatore



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The Launcher XL 2 redefines distance, forgiveness, and consistency. The new MainFrame XL face technology features a variable thickness design that promotes flex at impact to increase distance off the tee while also providing more forgiveness from a lower weight position. 

The XL head design has been upgraded and packed with even more MOI to provide players with extremely long and high-launching ball flights. The Rebound Frame’s alternating flex zones across the face direct more energy into the ball, resulting in blistering speed and distance.

 An 8-gram counterweight in the shaft gives additional control and stability during impact. Launcher XL 2 improves on the previous version.

Key Features

Improves flex and distance with extra forgiveness and consistency

Two flex zones push more energy into the ball to send it launching down the fairway

8g weight provides more control on every shot

Fine tune loft, face angle and lie angle with 12 different positions

Design and Technology

Innovative Club Head Design

The Launcher XL 2’s success is attributed to its MainFrame XL Face technology, a novel AI-driven process that provides a variable thickness face design that reshapes and enlarges the sweet spot, enhances energy transmission, and delivers tremendous ball speeds for maximum distance.

Another notable aspect of the Launcher XL 2 is its XL Head Design and weighting setup, which provides even more MOI than its predecessor, with a 2% increase in heel/toe MOI and a 12% increase in high/low MOI – the highest values ever seen in a Cleveland driver.

Rebound Frame

Launcher XL 2 stands out from other Drivers with its unique ability to flex twice. Rebound Frame technology, akin to a spring within a spring, provides a second ring of flexibility just behind the face, which is maintained by additional stiffness in the clubhead’s back.

At impact, these dual flex zones activate concurrently, increasing the amount of energy transferred into the ball, resulting in improved ball speed and distance.


  • The MainFrame XL Face and XL Head Design, coupled with the Rebound Frame technology, deliver exceptional energy transfer and a more prominent sweet spot
  • Combining the Thin Crown, Discretionary Mass Placement, and Action Mass CB provides remarkable forgiveness and stability
  • From the model comparison to the various graphite, shaft flex, accuracy build, head, and grip options, the driver offers a wide range of customization choices


  • Limited adjustability options may not suit players who prefer fine-tuning their equipment for specific preferences
  • The oversized clubhead may be intimidating for some golfers and pose challenges for those needing help with a consistent swing
  • While the improved forgiveness across the club face is commendable, some players may find that the feel and feedback at impact could be more responsive with other driver models.

Our Experience

The Cleveland Launcher XL 2 driver is a highly forgiving, distance-enhancing club designed for golfers seeking maximum performance off the tee. Key features include:

The XL head design provides a large, expansive sweet spot to improve forgiveness on off-center hits. Cleveland's MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable-thickness face to increase ball speed across the entire face. The Rebound Frame technology creates additional flex zones to boost ball speed and distance.

The Launcher XL 2 delivers impressive distance and launch characteristics for golfers with moderate to slower swing speeds. The Draw model offers a slight draw bias to help correct a slice. Cleveland has also improved the sound and feel compared to previous Launcher models, though it still has a somewhat harsh impact sound.

The Launcher XL 2 is well-suited for high handicappers, seniors, and golfers seeking more forgiveness in their driver. It comes in adjustable loft options and offers a variety of premium shaft and grip choices to ensure a custom fit. Overall, the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 driver provides an excellent combination of distance, forgiveness, and customization for its target market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Shaft Length and Flex Be Customized for the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver?

Yes, the shaft length and flex for the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver can be customized. There are options for various shaft lengths and flexes, allowing personalized adjustments to optimize performance and ball control.

How Do the Ai-Driven Club Face Simulations Impact the Performance of the Cleveland XL 2 Driver?

The AI-driven technology in the club face simulations dramatically enhances the driver’s performance. It optimizes impact locations, ensuring improved energy transfer and powerful ball speeds. The variable-thickness face design delivers consistent, high-launching ball flight.

Is the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver Ideal for Distance Seekers?

With customized fitting options and ball speed optimization, it’s designed to deliver unparalleled power and confidence for players looking to maximize their distance off the tee.

Can the shaft length and flexibility be adjusted for personalized launch conditions with the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver?

Yes, the shaft length and flex of the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver can be adjusted for personalized launch conditions. This customization allows for optimized trajectory and ball control to suit individual preferences and playing styles.


The innovative technology and customizable options of the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver make it a standout choice for golfers looking to elevate their game.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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