Izzo Golf Swami 6000 GPS Review

Izzo Golf Swami 6000 GPS Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Izzo golf offers a wide range of GPS products under the Swami brand that can help players navigate the golf course. The Swami 6000 is their top of the line product and can help you play cleaner, more consistent golf no matter where you play. Instant access to precise distances to the fairway, bunkers, and front, middle, and back portions of the green allow you to choose the correct club and make a confident swing. Over 38,000 courses are available with the Swami 6000 all in a convenient portable design.

Key Features

The Swami 6000 also holds a digital scorecard and can track greens in regulation and number of putts.

The Swami 6000 provides distances to the front, middle, and backs of greens, fronts and backs of bunkers, and dogleg distances.

The Swami 6000 has auto-course recognition during its startup to give golfers instant access to their course of choice that day.

The Izzo Swami 6000 handheld golf GPS is a user-friendly and comprehensive tool designed to enhance golfers’ game with accurate distances, effortless navigation, and convenient features. 

It stands out from other golf GPS devices with its intuitive interface and reliable accuracy. One of the standout features of the Swami 6000 is its ability to incorporate feedback from golfers like us. 

Izzo has taken the time to listen to our needs and has implemented some fantastic improvements based on our suggestions. This means that the device is designed with real-world usage in mind, ensuring that it meets our expectations on the course.

Design and Technology

The Swami 6000 uses satellite GPS technology to locate golfers on the course and help them plot each shot. With access to over 38,000 courses, the Swami 6000 is ideal for almost any golfer. 

The rechargeable battery has a life of up to 16 hours and the internal magnet and clips keep the device always at your fingertips. Importantly, the Swami does not require an annual fee to obtain the most up to date GPS information.


  • Customizable divider top lets you arrange your clubs however you want.
  • Waterproof pockets keep your most valuable possessions protected no matter the weather.
  • Array of different colors give everyone something to choose from.


  • Not ideal for golfers that like to walk.
  • Bag does not come with carrying straps.
  • Shipping times might vary depending on demand and inventory levels.

Our Experience

The Swami 6000 performs exactly as advertised. It obtains instant GPS readings to every part of the golf course you need as you play your rounds. The magnetic feature is great for riding on a cart while the clip is easy to apply to a belt of golf bag when you are walking. Distances to each part of the green is valuable once you have decided where the pin is and where you need to land your approach shot.

Possibly the most useful tool of GPS devices like the Swami 6000 is the added info they can provide when playing at a course you have never been before. Golfers that are not members of a single club or that frequently take golf holidays will love being able to simply download their newest course and head to the first tee with confidence. No longer do you have to simply guess or rely on a caddie for course information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Izzo Swami 6000 Compatible With Any Specific Golfing Apps for Additional Features?

Yes, the Izzo Swami 6000 is compatible with specific golfing apps for additional features. It offers smartphone integration, allowing access to various golfing apps for enhanced functionality and performance tracking on the course.

Can the Battery Life of the Izzo Swami 6000 Be Extended With Any Power-Saving Features?

Extending the battery life of the Izzo Swami 6000 can be done by utilizing power-saving features like dimming the display or turning off non-essential functions. These can help conserve power during outdoor activities without sacrificing GPS accuracy.

Are There Any Additional Display Customization Options Available for the Izzo Swami 6000?

When it comes to display customization, the Izzo Swami 6000 provides a range of options to suit user preferences. This feature enhances GPS integration and outdoor sports experience, offering flexibility and personalization for a more tailored and enjoyable use.

How Does the Izzo Swami 6000 Handle Connectivity Issues in Areas With Poor Reception?

Handling connectivity challenges in areas with poor reception involves troubleshooting tips, such as ensuring Bluetooth connectivity is stable and updating the device. Optimizing battery usage is crucial, utilizing power management techniques to extend battery life.

Can the Izzo Swami 6000 Be Used for Other Outdoor Activities Besides Golfing?

Yes, the Izzo Swami 6000 can be used for other outdoor activities besides golfing. It’s great for outdoor hiking and cycling navigation, providing accurate distances and hazard information, making it a versatile tool.


Overall the Swami 6000 is an excellent unit for golfers that want accurate distances as they navigate the course. Notably, GPS units will not be available for competition play so a laser rangefinder might be the best option for serious golfers. Players that frequently buy discount rounds at a variety of courses or that play often in new areas will love the ease-of-use of the Swami 6000 and its enhanced portability.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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