Kbs Tour Shaft Review

Kbs Tour Shaft Review

By Paul Liberatore



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KBS is named after its owner and founder Kim Braly. KBS has worked closely with PGA professionals to build golf shafts that offer versatility and a controlled ball flight. The KBS Tour shaft was designed for players of all abilities. The KBS Tour steel shaft is a mid-trajectory iron and wedge shaft that gives the player a signature smooth feel. The KBS Tour maximizes energy transfer to give players more lift and easier launch with their irons and wedges. Amateur players will love the responsive feel of the KBS Tour and the control of this top-of-the-line golf shaft is trusted by some of the world’s best players.

Key Features

5% lower trajectory, less spin, and more distance gives players an easy-to-hit iron shaft that matches their swings.

The KBS signature feel is smooth and responsive and gives players more options even at lower swing speeds.

The range of weight and flex options make the KBS Tour available to golfers of almost any fee preference.

The KBS Tour Iron Shafts - Stiff Flex - .355 Taper Tip (4I - S - 120g) by Tour Shop Fresno are an excellent choice for golfers in search of reliable and compatible iron shafts. 

These shafts have been designed with careful consideration of technical details and customer feedback, resulting in a product that delivers exceptional performance. With precision engineering and high-quality materials, the script of these shafts ensures a responsive and accurate feel, making every swing a masterpiece. 

You demand the best from your equipment, and the KBS Tour Iron Shafts deliver just that.

Design and Technology

The KBS Tour golf shaft is designed with every golfer in mind. With 6 flex and weight ranges, the KBS Tour shaft can be built to any playing preference and ball flight. Used by some of the world’s best golfers, KBS shafts are known for their impressive responses and smooth feel. Players looking to get their irons fit for more distance and accuracy need to be testing the KBS Tour shaft.

The first thing that stood out to me during my testing of the KBS Tour shaft was the signature feel that Mr. Braly promises. The KBS Tour shaft is one of the easiest shafts to hit and didn’t require my best swing to get a controlled and accurate ball flight. Playing my iron shafts at 125-grams, I tested the Stiff+ model of the KBS Tour shafts. I thought for the majority of golfers, the KBS Tour iron shaft is a fantastic option and would not hesitate to put it into the hands of players with a variety of swing speeds.

KBS delivers a golf shaft that is easy to launch and a pleasure to swing. The KBS Tour is one of the best shafts for players that swing below tour-level swing speeds but desire the ultimate control with their irons and wedges. The KBS Tour shafts are truly versatile and great for players with smooth tempos, especially with high and mid-handicaps.


  • Smooth feel and mid-launch attributes help the KBS Tour appeal to a variety of skill levels and swing speeds.
  • KBS technology delivers maximum energy transfer for more distance, less spin, and more control.
  • The range of weight and flex options make the KBS Tour available to golfers of almost any fee preference.


  • Aggressive players looking for a more penetrating ball flight may be better suited to a higher kick-point option.
  • The responsive feel may seem too active for players that prefer more rigid iron and wedge shafts.
  • Many sets will not come standard with KBS Tour shafts and may require an additional charge to purchase.

Our Experience

The KBS Tour shaft is one of the best feeling steel iron shafts on the market and a must-try for any serious golfer. The KBS Tour shaft is made using tour player feedback and is designed for players of all swing speeds to benefit from the better energy transfer and versatility it provides. 

The KBS Tour is a middle trajectory shaft that gives players easier launch and more versatility to hit shots from everywhere on the course. Beginners, juniors, and senior players looking to get the most out of their irons and wedges can also benefit from the KBS Tour shaft, which provides a great balance of performance and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find the Best Deals or Discounts on KBS Tour Iron Shafts?

I’ve found the best prices for KBS Tour iron shafts at online retailers. They often offer discount options and a wider selection compared to local stores. I recommend checking out multiple online retailers for the best deals.

Can I Install KBS Tour Iron Shafts on My Own, or Do I Need to Take Them to a Professional for Installation?

I can definitely do a DIY installation of KBS Tour Iron Shafts. It’s relatively straightforward with the right tools and instructions. However, if you’re uncertain, a professional installation could ensure optimal performance. When comparing costs, check online retailers for the best deals.

Are There Any Specific Club Heads That the KBS Tour Iron Shafts Are Not Compatible With?

I can install KBS Tour Iron Shafts on my own, but I need to ensure compatibility with specific club heads. It’s essential to check compatibility and consider professional installation for optimal performance. The shaft customization process should also consider warranty implications.

Can I Customize the KBS Tour Iron Shafts With Different Grips or Colors?

Yes, you can customize the KBS Tour iron shafts with different grips and colors to fit your preferences. However, it’s essential to consider how these changes may impact the shaft performance.

Do KBS Tour Iron Shafts Come With a Warranty or Guarantee?

Yes, KBS Tour Iron Shafts come with a warranty. The warranty coverage ensures product guarantees. You can be confident in the durability and quality of these shafts, knowing that they are backed by a warranty.


The KBS Tour shaft is one of the best golf shafts for players that do not swing the golf club with an aggressive style or at tour-level speeds. Low, mid, and high handicap players that want more response and a smoother feel in their irons or wedges will love the KBS Tour shafts. By giving players more energy transfer in the shaft design, KBS has created a versatile, easy-to-hit golf shaft that can help a wide range of golfer’s games.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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