Mitsubishi Diamana DF Golf Shaft Review

Mitsubishi Diamana DF Golf Shaft Review

By Paul Liberatore



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The newest addition to the classic whiteboard and blueboard series from Mitsubishi is the DF (whiteboard) and BF (blueboard) shafts. The DF is a low launch, low spin golf shaft designed to optimize delivery and give players more distance and accuracy from the tee box. Many golfers will find that the DF has an improved feel over previous generations of the Diamana whiteboards without any loss of performance.

Key Features

The Diamana DF golf shaft mixes Dialead Pitch Fiber, MR70, and boron to precisely relocate weight to maximize load and energy transfer.

The DF golf shaft is a tip stiff profile that can reduce launch, optimize spin, and create more distance off the tee.

The tip section of the DF is stiff, yet the butt section is softer to improve feel throughout the golf swing.

Design and Technology

Mitsubishi continues to dominate professional tour counts with their golf shafts. The DF is the newest evolution of the whiteboard series. 

The Diamana DF uses Dialead Pitch Fiber throughout the golf shaft to build a shaft that is stable but not harsh to swing. 

MR70 carbon fiber and boron are used to enhance the strength of the DF shaft to improve energy transfer from your hands to the golf ball. Better loading and enhanced stability can mean an improve control of strike and improved driving performance as a result.


  • The Diamana DF combines the outstanding performance of the traditional whiteboard shaft lines with an improved feel and better energy transfer.
  • Mitsubishi uses Dialead fiber, MR70, and boron to provide a stiffness profiles that offers players great control and a low launch and low spin.
  • The DF shaft is available in a wide range of weights and flexes to help golfers optimize performance at almost any swing speed.


  • Very aggressive swingers may prefer a more reinforced butt section than the Diamana DF offers.
  • The Diamana DF shaft may be hard to find and test outside of premium club fitting studios.
  • Golfers that already love their whiteboard golf shafts may not find enough improvement with the DF to justify the upgrade.

Our Experience

The whiteboard line of golf shafts from Mitsubishi has been proven at every level of golf. I personally have gone in-and-out of a whiteboard profile every time. The performance often draws me in, the feel can push me away. The DF seems to balance both of these better than any previous whiteboard-style model. The DF gives you 100% of the performance you can expect from Mitsubishi with feedback that is more pleasant to swing and feels like it loads perfectly even when you make a less than perfect swing. If you are anything like me and have used whiteboard shafts with some success but found the feel to be less than ideal, the DF shaft may be your perfect blend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Mitsubishi Diamana DF golf shaft?

The Mitsubishi Diamana DF is a low launch, low spin golf shaft designed to optimize ball delivery and provide more distance and accuracy off the tee. It uses Dialead Pitch Fiber throughout the shaft to create a stable yet smooth feel. The DF is available in a wide range of flexes and weights to suit different player profiles.

How does the Diamana DF compare to previous Diamana whiteboard shafts?

The DF is the newest evolution of the Diamana whiteboard series. It offers improved feel over previous generations without any loss in performance. Many golfers will find the DF has a smoother, less harsh feel compared to earlier Diamana whiteboards.

What types of golfers is the Diamana DF best suited for?

The DF is designed for aggressive swingers looking to maximize their clubhead speed and distance. High swing speed players in particular may benefit from the DF's ability to help control strike quality through the material integration in the shaft.

What flex and weight options are available for the Diamana DF?

The Diamana DF comes in 13 different models. The 50 gram weights are available in regular and stiff flex. The 60 gram range has the most options, with regular, stiff, extra stiff, and tour extra stiff flexes. The 70 and 80 gram shafts only come in stiff, extra stiff, and tour extra stiff flexes.

How does Mitsubishi's reputation in the golf shaft market compare to the Diamana DF?

Mitsubishi continues to dominate professional tour counts with their golf shafts. The Diamana DF is the latest evolution of their successful whiteboard series, so it benefits from Mitsubishi's strong reputation for high-performance, tour-validated golf shaft technology.


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Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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