Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter Review

Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Odyssey  has been a top  putter  manufacturer since long before Tiger won his first Masters in 1997. Built on a reputation of making  putters  with the latest in design and technology, Odyssey’s new EXO line of putters is certainly no exception

Released in May 2018, the EXO putters received a Gold rating and 4.5 stars on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. In the EXO, Odyssey has implemented technologies from older putters to both optimize feel and create consistent roll off the face. If you’re a player looking for a mallet putter with maximum forgiveness and a soft face for consistent feel and control, the Odyssey EXO putter should be in your bag.

Key Features

The White Hot insert with built-in Microhinge Technology gives the face a soft feel and gets the ball rolling quickly for more precise feel and speed control.

Multi-Material head construction puts lighter material in the center of the head and heavier material in the perimeter for maximum forgiveness and stability.

Three different mallet-shaped heads give golfers options when choosing a putter that best suits their eye and stroke.

The Odyssey EXO Putter is a highly praised golf putter that combines innovative design, advanced technology, and high MOI for improved putting performance. It features the Stroke Lab technology, which enhances the golfer’s stroke by redistributing weight towards the head and grip, resulting in better tempo and consistency. 

This incredible putter has been designed with one goal in mind – to improve your putting technique and take your game to the next level.

Design and Technology

Odyssey has long led the way in putter design and technology and continues to do so with the EXO. For players with arching strokes or that prefer a mallet head, the EXO brings two former Odyssey technologies together in one putter that is not only modern, but noticeably consistent and forgiving.

The White Hot Microhinge insert in the EXO combines White Hot Insert Technology from the early 2000s with Microhinge Technology from the O-Works putter series of 2017 to create Odyessey’s most optimally performing face to date. While some players have complained that the original White Hot insert was too soft, the White Hot insert in the EXO is slightly firmer giving players increased feel and enhanced sound feedback upon impact. Microhinge Technology helps to get the ball rolling more quickly than other putters. By reducing the number of contact points with the ball at impact, the skidding effect is greatly reduced, helping putts to stay on-line and roll true.

The head construction in the EXO utilizes different materials, strategically placed throughout the head to optimize stability and increase MOI for maximum forgiveness. The black material on the perimeter of the head is heavier 17-4 stainless steel while the red center sections are made of 6061 milled aluminum which is 1/3 lighter. By keeping the majority of the weight on the outside of the head, the EXO delivers maximum forgiveness across the entire face.

The Indianapolis, Rossie, and Seven mallet head models are all derived from previously popular Odyssey head designs and allow players a variety of options. Each model is also available in either a toe-hang of face balance option allowing players to further match a putter to their stroke.


  • The White Hot Microhinge face creates optimal feel and feedback off the face
  • Multi-material head design helps to increase the clubs increase the forgiveness
  • Three different head shapes with both toe-hang and face balance options allow players to customize a putter to their stroke


  • The EXO is limited to mallet head options only, which may turn some players away
  • The EXO putter comes with a high price tag, which may be a hindrance for some players
  • Mallet heads are designed for players with arching strokes and may not be suitable for players with a square-to-square stroke

Our Experience

We tested the Odyssey EXO putter line, which combines the legendary White Hot insert with the company's Microhinge face technology for improved roll. Here's what we found: 

Feel and Sound 
The EXO putters provide the classic soft feel and sound of the original White Hot insert, while the Microhinge face adds a slightly higher-pitched impact sound compared to previous Microhinge designs. The feel is soft yet solid at impact. 

Roll and Distance Control 
The Microhinge face promotes immediate forward roll for more consistent distance control. Testers found the EXO eliminated the skipping sensation often seen on longer putts with previous inserts. The combination of the White Hot feel and Microhinge roll instilled confidence in controlling speed. 

Stability and Alignment 
The multi-material construction of the EXO heads, with weight concentrated in the perimeter, creates an incredibly high MOI for stability and forgiveness. The large mallet heads, like the Indianapolis model, feel extremely stable through the stroke. The contrasting red aluminum framing helps with alignment and getting the face square at address. 

Customization Options 
The EXO line is available in three head shapes - Indianapolis, Rossie, and #7 - each offered in both slant neck and double bend shaft configurations to suit different stroke types. Grip options include the Odyssey Pistol grip or SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0.Overall, the Odyssey EXO putters provide the classic White Hot feel golfers love, combined with innovative Microhinge roll technology and high MOI stability in a premium, customizable package. The EXO line represents a successful meeting of Odyssey's most iconic insert and latest performance innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Odyssey EXO Putter Be Customized for Specific Alignment Preferences?

Yes, the Odyssey EXO putter can be customized for specific alignment preferences. The mallet design with two alignment balls, straight leading edge, and white line on top allows for easy alignment adjustments to suit individual preferences.

How Does the Innovative EXO Construction Technology Improve the Putting Experience?

Improving my performance, the innovative EXO construction’s lightweight aluminum exo-cage and stainless steel head enhance stability and forgiveness. The weight distribution creates a smooth stroke. Customizable alignment options further improve the putting experience.

What Specific Features of the Odyssey EXO Putter Contribute to Better Putting Accuracy and Consistency?

Improved feel and enhanced stability are achieved through the Odyssey EXO Putter’s White Hot Micro hinge Insert and Stroke Lab Weighting. The Micro hinge technology creates immediate forward roll, while the Stroke Lab shaft improves performance dynamics for a smoother and more accurate stroke.

What Is Included in the Package When Purchasing the Odyssey EXO Putter?

When purchasing the Odyssey EXO putter, the package includes the putter components and bonus accessories. The unboxing experience was delightful, and the customer support was excellent, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process.

What Are the Main Pros and Cons of the Odyssey EXO Putter According to Customer Reviews?

Customer satisfaction with the Odyssey EXO putter is high. Its stability and alignment aid performance. However, some have modified it for added length and weight. When compared to other models, it stands out for its high quality.


The Odyssey EXO putter is unquestionably one of the most forgiving putters on the market. Through marrying two proven technologies into a modern face design, golfers are afforded optimal feel and consistent roll even on mis-hits. The use of different materials strategically placed in the head allows for greater forgiveness and overall consistency.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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