Odyssey O-Works Putter Review

Odyssey O-Works Putter Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Building on the success of the O-Works line released in 2017, Odyssey has released the O-Works Black line along with six new models in the O-Works Red line in 2018. O-Works putters have long been the #1 putter on tours worldwide and the newest members of the O-Works family are already proving their mettle with multiple wins around the globe.

Utilizing cutting edge technology in classic head designs that have stood the test of time, the new Black and Red models received Gold Ratings on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List for both mallet and blade putters. If you’re a player of any skill level that has used one of Odyssey’s iconic heads in the past or is simply looking for consistent performance and feel on the greens, you need to give one of the O-Works putters a shot.

Key Features

The Thermoplastic Elastomer Insert allows weight to be moved away from the center of the face for increased stability through impact on mishits.

Microhinge Technology insert flexes at impact reducing the skid effect to get putts rolling more quickly off the face.

Eighteen different head designs with a wide variety of balance options and lengths give players countless choices in choosing the right putter.

The Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. Golf enthusiasts have praised its balance, feel, alignment, grip, and roll, making it a popular choice for improving putting performance. 

The putter's overall performance has garnered high customer satisfaction, with many users expressing delight in its ability to provide a soft feel and a consistent roll, leading to improved putting accuracy. Customers have also appreciated the easy alignment and the excellent grip, which have contributed to their overall satisfaction with the product. 

The positive reviews highlight the success of the putter in meeting the needs and expectations of golfers looking to enhance their putting experience. The widespread acclaim for its performance and design solidifies its reputation as a top choice for golf enthusiasts seeking a reliable and effective putter.

Design and Technology

When club manufacturers get feedback from the best players in the world, they usually listen. That is precisely what Odyssey did in designing the newest O-Works Red and Black lines of putters. Designed on the consensus that Tour pros largely preferred a clean look at address, the 2018 head designs lack some of the flare characteristic of its competitors but certainly do not sacrifice anything in performance or technology.

The insert in the O-Works line is made from a stainless steel Mircohinge plate that is co-molded with a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer. The marriage of these two layers provides players with the solid feel of stainless steel and a soft responsive sensation that is optimal for distance control. Unlike solid-face putters, the insert allows weight to be more evenly distributed throughout the entire head promoting greater stability on mishits.


  • Provides optimal feel for consistent control while providing stability on mishits.
  • Microhinge Technology gets the ball rolling quickly straight and controlled on line.
  • Eighteen new head designs in various lengths give players plenty of options.


  • Lack of adjustability in head weight and lie angle may not be agreeable for some.
  • Due to high demand, some purchasers have complained about lengthy delivery times.
  • The technology in the 2018 models is not that different from 2017 models.

Our Experience

The Odyssey O-Works putter line introduces a new Microhinge insert that provides excellent performance and feel. The insert is soft but has a touch more response and "tock" at impact than softer inserts, finding a great middle ground. The Microhinge face has little hinges that help the ball roll with immediate topspin, resulting in a pure roll with minimal skid.

From address, the O-Works putter has a familiar Black/White/Black Versa color scheme with red sight lines that form a "T" on the topline and flange to assist with alignment. Flip the putter over and you'll find red weights and cool laser-etched graphics reminiscent of the old Protype iX putters.

Whether you prefer more feel in your insert or are looking for a change, the Odyssey O-Works putter is worth a look. Its soft feel, precise response, and pure roll should appeal to a wide range of golfers. Odyssey continues to raise the bar for insert putters with the Microhinge, creating a middle ground for insert enthusiasts and milled-face players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Target Audience for the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter?

Golfers, beginners, the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works putter is designed to improve accuracy. Its innovative technology is perfect for those seeking a reliable, precise putting experience. Compared to others, it stands out for its consistency and feel.

How Does the Putter’s Innovative Micro Hinge Technology Improve Putting Performance?

Just like a precision instrument, the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter’s innovative micro hinge technology acts as a launchpad for perfect rolls. This technology improves putting performance by promoting a smooth, consistent roll for enhanced accuracy and distance control.

How Does the Putter Contribute to Putting Accuracy and Consistency?

Using the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter, I’ve improved my putting accuracy and consistency. The innovative micro hinge technology promotes a smooth roll and the balanced design enhances my putting technique.

What Are the Dimensions and Weight of the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter?

I’ll share that the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter weighs 1 pound and its dimensions are 48 x 5 x 5 inches. Its innovative design and weight distribution have significantly improved my putting performance.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putter?

Using the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works putter has improved my performance. The pros include excellent balance and feel, easy alignment, and a soft putter face. However, it may not suit all players, especially those with a different putting stroke.


The Odyssey O-Works line of putters are some of the most well-designed putters on the market today. Built with extensive feedback from the best players in the world in mind, these putters are among the best of the best in both design and performance.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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