SkyCaddie SX400 GPS Rangefinder Review

SkyCaddie SX400 GPS Rangefinder Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Knowing the correct yardage to your target when you’re out on the golf course is imperative if you’re going to score well. Thanks to rapid advances in modern technology, there are now all sorts of distance measuring devices that make it easy to get your yardages dialed in.

With that said, there are some that are more accurate, reliable, and functional than others. One of the best ones I’ve come across in 2023 is the SkyCaddie SX400. 

For starters, SkyCaddie has been one of the most reputable brands in the industry for a long time. And the all-new SX400 has more functions and features than any other GPS the company has ever made. 

There’s a lot of really cool stuff to talk about with the SX400, so let’s dive right in for a closer look.

Key Features

More than 35,000 preloaded courses mean you’ll have accurate yardages no matter where you play.

High-definition 4-inch color touch display is one of the clearest on the market.

Numerous views and modes allow you to customize your experience out on the course.

Design and Technology

Ok, there’s a lot to unpack when we start talking about all the tech and design features the SX400 has, so buckle up.

To start, the SX400 comes with more than 35,000 preloaded courses. That means you’ll never again have to worry about downloading a course when you go play some place new. 

And you can trust every single yardage on every single course to be accurate within a single yard. That’s because SkyCaddie doesn’t just rely on GPS coordinates and satellite imagery like a lot of other GPS companies. Instead, their experts walk and verify every yardage on every course by hand.

The touchscreen on the SX400 is revolutionary too. It’s four inches wide and the high-definition screen is easy to read, no matter what kind of lighting conditions you’re playing in. The system is operated by a multi-core processor that’s unbelievably fast, so you won’t experience any lag either. 

One of my favorite features of the SX400 is its Dynamic Holevue. This feature allows the GPS to adjust the view and yardages depending on where you’re at on a particular hole. This is made possible by SkyCaddie’s Intellipath Technology that’s able to recognize different locations and adjust accordingly. 

Along with dynamic location-dependent yardages, Holevue also gives you up to 40 additional yardages to things like hazards, doglegs and other points of interest on every hole. Even more, you can use your finger to pinpoint yardages to specific spots where you want to hit your shot. 

Dynamic Rangevue is another really cool feature. During the course of every round, you’re going to need yardages to specific landing areas. Rangevue provides you a number of different yardage arcs that tell you precisely how far it is to carry a bunker, how far you have to a hazard, and plenty of other strategic points of interest. 

A lot of GPSs give you great information between the tee and the green, but the SX400 takes things a step further. The IntelliGreen Pro feature gives you a bird’s eye view of every green that shows all of the contours and subtleties. This information is invaluable as you plan your approach and short game shots. 

Here again, Intellipath Technology lets you use your finger to pinpoint specific yardages to things like the tops of ridges and bottoms of slopes. It doesn’t get much more precise than that! 

There’s no question that the SX400 is one of the most advanced GPS units when it comes to giving you accurate yardages and different modes and views. However, it also has some other really cool functions.

One of those is shot tracking capability. The GPS literally lets you track every shot you hit. This goes a long way in helping you not only dial in your yardages with every club, but it’s also a great tool for helping identify strengths and weaknesses in your game. 

You can also keep score digitally. That means no longer having to keep track of a scorecard or worrying about losing your pencil. This feature also allows you to use creative formats like Stableford scoring and tracks important stats like total putts and fairways hit. 

Something else I really like about the SX400 is that it comes with different plans that allow you to customize your experience. 

The birdie plan costs $299.95 and comes with all the features mentioned above.

The Eagle Plan costs $379.90. It allows you to connect two additional SkyCaddie devices and includes eight free issues of Golf Magazine. The Double Eagle Plan costs $479.90. With this plan you can connect two additional SkyCaddie devices, you get eight free issues of Golf Magazine, and are eligible for a member’s-only Bridgestone golf ball offer.


  • More than 35,000 preloaded courses mean you’ll never have to download a course.
  • Different viewing modes allow you to get the most precise information and yardages on every hole.
  • Three different plans allow you to customize your experience.


  • Price point is higher than other golf GPSs.
  • Setup can take some time, especially for golfers that aren’t tech savvy.
  • Shipping times can vary depending on product availability.

Our Experience

I’ve tried just about every golf GPS that’s come out in the last four years. Nothing has impressed me as much as the SkyCaddie SX400. 

Its multitude of modes and functions, accuracy, and reliability set it apart from the competition. 

As someone that’s on a mission to become a single-digit handicap by the end of the year and takes the game seriously, I have nothing but good things to say about the SX400.

Frequently Asked Questions NO TEXT

How do I turn off scoring on my SkyCaddie SX400?

To turn off scoring on the SX400, go to the Settings menu and select "Scoring". Toggle the scoring option to "Off".

Why is my SkyCaddie SX400 touchscreen not working properly?

Some users have reported issues with the SX400 touchscreen not responding or freezing, especially when the device gets hot. Resetting the device or contacting SkyCaddie support may help resolve touchscreen problems.

Can the SkyCaddie SX400 provide distances to the pin?

The SX400 uses IntelliGreen technology to display the full shape and depth of the green, showing the carry distance to the front, distance to the center, and distance to the back of the green. This allows you to aim for the optimal landing area rather than just the pin location.

How many courses can the SkyCaddie SX400 store?

The SX400 comes with a built-in course library. To access additional courses, you need to purchase a SkyCaddie membership plan which allows you to download thousands of professionally mapped courses.

Is the SkyCaddie SX400 easy to use?

According to reviews, the SX400 is a well-built, quality product that is easy to use and provides beneficial features for golfers. The large color touchscreen and automatic course recognition make it simple to navigate and get the information you need on the course.


When it comes to golf GPSs, no one does it better than SkyCaddie. And the SX400 is their premier model to date.

Not only is it deadly accurate and multifunctional, it’s also easy to use and incredibly reliable round after round. 

If you’re looking for a GPS that’s truly the complete package, look no further than the SkyCaddie SX400. 

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

As the Founder of Golfers Authority Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment or instruction from the top golf instructors in the world. He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated Golf and GolfWRX. After graduating with honors from Purdue University, he realized that he had a passion for the golf business and the law. When he's not practicing law, or creating golf content on YouTube, he can be found on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast talking with the most prolific leaders in the golf industry. 

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