Callaway Rogue Draw Driver  Review

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver Review

By Paul Liberatore



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New for Callaway in 2018 is the Rogue family of drivers and they are already attracting a lot of attention. 2017’s Callaway’s GBB Epic was hugely successful and the Rogue is the next evolution in Callaway drivers that builds on that success.

The GBB Epic has been a proven and successful driver. According to Callaway, it is the #1 selling driver in the US. In fact, in a GolfWRX Members’ Choice poll the GBB Epic Sub Zero version and GBB Epic standard version were chosen as the #1 and #2 drivers for 2017.

Likely due to this success, Callaway decided not to go for a radical redesign for the new Rogue drivers. 

Two of the critical features of the Rogue, Jailbreak and Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technologies, were used by Callaway before; however, they really worked on tweaking them in the Rogue 

Driver to get them to work together providing even greater ball speed and distance. Jailbreak technology in the Rogue uses titanium rods in an hourglass shape rather than the vertical rods found in the GBB Epic. This increased the stiffness and improved the weight by 25%. The new VFT feature, X-Face, strategically varies the thickness of the face of the driver in the center and perimeter to improve forgiveness for off-center hits and increase ball speed for longer drives.

Golf Digest justifiably chose the Rogue as one of its 2018 Hot List Gold Medal winners. The Rogue improves on the GBB Epic to provide even faster ball speed and more forgiveness. These performance features make this driver ideal for golfers who have mid to high handicaps and are looking for more ball speed off of the tee.

The Rogue Driver comes in 3 versions – the Rogue, the Rogue Draw, and the Rogue Sub-Zero. The Rogue is the standard version. The Draw differs from the standard by including an additional weight in the heel that adjusts the center of gravity and creates a draw bias to combat slices. 

The Sub-Zero has the same features but in a smaller form and with interchangeable weights to create lower spin and more forgiveness. The Sub-Zero is aimed more at the low handicap golfer and tour pros, but many average golfers also prefer it.

To learn more about the Rogue family lineup, we have performed a comprehensive review on each of the various versions, including the  Rogue Driver Rogue Draw Driver , and the  Rogue Sub Zero Driver . Please take a look and let us know what you think about these amazing clubs.

Key Features

As with the Epic, the Rogue Draw also includes Jailbreak technology to increase ball speed through optimized performance of the head at impact. The goal is to stiffen the connection between the crown and sole of the head of the club to improve energy transfer to the ball. 

X-Face technology is a Variable Face Thickness design that strategically alters the thickness for increased thickness in the middle and decreased thickness around the edges of the face. The shape generally resembles an x. This creates faster ball speeds on off-center hits and is complemented by the Jailbreak feature. 

Callaway and Boeing again collaborated on the aerodynamic Speed Step technology for the geometry of the head of the Rogue Draw driver. They optimized the aerodynamics of the leading edge to help with faster swing speeds.


Callaway offers a robust selection of shaft options for the Rogue Draw Driver, including a couple of premium aftermarket shafts – Aldila and Project X. These shafts are also available in 40g, 50g, 60g, and 70g weights.

Callaway Optifit technology uses a hosel with an upper and lower cog that can be adjusted to create 8 different loft and lie combinations. Loft can be adjusted one degree at a time from one degree below the stated loft up to two degrees above the stated loft. The lie varies between neutral and draw.


  • Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT complement each other to achieve faster ball speeds and farther drives
  • The industry-leading Boeing Aero design helps drivers achieve faster head speeds
  • For golfers with a slice problem, provides focused draw bias to provide an exceptional slice correction
  • .


  • Unlike the Rogue Sub-Zero, the Rogue Draw driver lacks any adjustability to the center of gravity and MOI
  • For golfers that already have the Epic, it may not be enough of an improvement
  • For golfers without a slice problem, the Rogue Draw would likely create too much draw than they need

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Left-Handed Players Use the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver?

Yes, left-handed players can use the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver. It features draw bias technology, helping to correct slices for left-handed golfers. The design promotes a right to left ball flight, making it suitable for left-handed players seeking a straighter, more accurate shot.

What Is the Warranty Period for the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver?

I found the warranty coverage for my Callaway Rogue Draw Driver to be excellent. The customer service was helpful, and the return policy was straightforward. The product durability gave me confidence in my purchase.

Does the Club Come With a Headcover and Adjustment Tool?

Yes, the club comes with a headcover and adjustment tool. The headcover options are stylish and durable, while the tool is compatible with the draw bias and adjustment settings, allowing for personalized customization.

Are There Any Customization Options Available for the Shaft and Grip?

Yes, there are customization options available for the shaft and grip. These options allow for personalized adjustments to enhance performance benefits, providing a tailored fit for individual playing styles and preferences.

How Does the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver Compare to Other Drivers in the Same Price Range?

Sure, I’m amazed at how the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver outperforms others in its price range. Its impressive forgiveness and draw-enhancing features make it a standout. Plus, the price competitiveness is just the icing on the cake!


The Rogue Draw driver builds on the proven successes of the GBB Epic to provide faster ball speeds, faster swings, and inherent slice correction. The Rogue Draw uses updated Jailbreak technology with X-Face VFT to increase ball speed and forgiveness. 

Callaway also aerodynamically designed the Rogue Draw driver to improve head speeds by working with Boeing to optimize air flow and reduce drag. The Rogue Draw improves upon what made the GBB Epic driver so good rather than attempt a complete redesign of the highly acclaimed driver. 

The Rogue Draw is an excellent choice for any golfer, but it best for mid to high handicap golfers who have a tendency for slices.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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