PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver Review

PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver Review

You will not believe this, but something strange happened, well, at least for me. Last month, I got an email from PXG. Bob Parsons saw my video on the PXG Gen 6 driver challenge from last summer that I had participated in and wanted to invite me to stay at Scottsdale National (his private golf course) to be fitted for the all-new PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver Review. Say what!

I am just like you guys, and this doesn't happen. So I eagerly accepted, and honestly, this was the most incredible experience of my life. Not only did I get professionally fitted for the new Black Ops Driver, but I also got to interview the man himself, Mr. Parsons. I even hung out with my favorite YouTubers (Mr. Shortgame, Country Club Adjacent, and my roommates Ian and Mikey from Club Champion).

But here is the truth: the PXG 0311 Black Ops driver delivers. With a new face material that enables higher launch and lower spin, I drove the ball 300 yards for the first time in my life. Seriously.

PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver Review

Key Takeaways

  • The PXG Black Ops Driver offers improved forgiveness and performance compared to its predecessor, GEN6.
  • The driver features a new face material and carbon fiber plate on the sole, resulting in higher launch and lower spin.
  • With Precision Weighting Technology, the PXG Black Ops Driver allows for precise customization and tuning to suit individual preferences.

Looks and Sound

The PXG 0311 Black Ops driver has undergone some noticeable changes since last year's Gen 6 Driver. The driver now sports a sleek gloss finish, departing from the matte finish seen in previous generations.

Honestly, it looks cool. Additionally, a carbon fiber plate has been added to the driver's sole, enhancing its overall design.

When addressing the ball, the 0311 Black Ops driver showcases a slightly larger footprint than the Gen 6 Driver. Having a larger frame allowed PXG to move more weight back in the club head, which, in turn, made it more forgiving. It did seem a little lighter in my hands, but that was all an illusion; the fitter said that the 0311 Black Ops driver has a standard head weight, similar to the Gen 6 driver.

But when I first hit the Black Ops driver, I did notice a different sound than with the Gen 6 Driver. At impact, the Black Ops Driver sounded more like a mild pop, which I really liked, and I think it sounds better than the Gen 6 driver, but ever so slightly.

Design and Technology

PXG stated that the Black Ops Driver is actually more forgiving, longer, and more consistent than the GEN6 Driver. This is a pretty tall claim, especially since the Gen 6 Driver ended up being my gamer last season. Now this is due to two key changes in its design.

The first is the new face material, which PXG calls "AMF Technology." This proprietary titanium alloy is stronger and creates lower spin and higher launch when compared to the T-412 material used in GEN6.

Second is the increased amount of carbon fiber in the sole of the club, which is not only for acoustics but also for performance.

The Black Ops Driver does continue to have the Precision Weighting Technology found on the Gen 6. With three weight ports and individual weights ranging from 2.5 to 20 grams, this features allows for different weight configurations to optimize the impact on shot shape. By strategically placing these weights, golfers can adjust the driver to promote a draw, fade, or neutral ball flight, catering to their swing tendencies.

This level of precision in weight distribution allows the fitter to tailor the driver to the players specific needs, ultimately enhancing their ability to confidently shape shots and achieve desired ball flight characteristics.

Our Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PXG Black Ops Driver Be Customized for Left-Handed Golfers?

Yes, the PXG Black Ops driver can be customized for left-handed golfers. With its precision weighting technology and fitment options, swing adjustments are easily achievable. The driver offers flexibility and adaptability for all players.

Are There Any Specific Shaft Recommendations for Players With Slower Swing Speeds?

For players with slower swing speeds, I'd recommend shafts with a lower flex, like senior or regular flex. These shafts can help maximize energy transfer, resulting in improved distance and accuracy. When comparing drivers, consider the PXG Black Ops for its customization options.

How Does the PXG Black Ops Driver Compare to Other Leading Drivers in Terms of Distance and Accuracy?

When it comes to distance and accuracy, the PXG Black Ops driver outshines its competitors. Its innovative material composition and unrivaled adjustability options make it a game-changer on the course, delivering precision and power like no other.

Can the PXG Black Ops Driver Be Adjusted to Counteract Specific Swing Tendencies, Such as a Slice or Hook?

Yes, the PXG Black Ops driver can be adjusted to counteract specific swing tendencies. The precision weighting technology allows for customized options, including for left-handed golfers. Adjusting weights can help optimize performance and reduce unwanted ball flight curves.


I am blown away with the PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver. After seeing the numbers during my fitting, it is clear: this is a driver that doesn't just meet expectations; it sets them. So, if you're on the fence, wondering if the the new Black Ops driver is worth the investment, then I would highly recommend going to PXG to get fitted because you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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