Live View Pro Review

Live View Pro Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Many times golfers struggle to improve their game because their practice sessions involve them working by themselves and not being able to monitor their own swing. Having a coach or playing partner watch  your swing  and providing instant feedback is a much more effective way to practice golf and quickly  lower your scores

Live View Pro is introducing golfers to a new way to practice with real-time feedback without relying on someone else. The Digital Swing Mirror technology housed inside of the Live View Pro can give you live views of your golf swing from any angle. iOS integration means being able to see your swing in different positions to match your ideal delivery with the proper swing path and arc. We put Live View Pro through our extensive range and on-course review process to see if it really can help your game.

Key Features

The Digital Swing Mirror technology enables players to see their swings in real-time on their iPhone or iPad screens, all without ever leaving their shot.

Automatic swing detection ensures that you never miss a swing.

Slow motion allows you to analyze your swing and make the changes necessary to hit better shots more consistently.

Each golfer is different and the ways for each player to best improve his or her game will dictate which training aids are best for you. Live View Pro offers anyone that is a visual learner a better experience in self-monitoring their golf swing in real-time. 

Live View Pro is the absolute best solution for players that want to see the position of their golf swing live and in the most natural positions possible. 

While no training aid could ever take the place of a dedicated coach or second set of eyes, the Live View Pro makes your practice better. 

Design and Technology

The difficulty many golfers have with analyzing their own swing is the challenge of looking at the  various positions while they address the golf ball . Craning your neck to check your positions in a mirror take you out of your natural golf posture and skews your perception. By placing your phone or tablet next to the  golf ball , you can monitor your swing with the Live View Pro without altering your swing plane or path.

Live View Pro is simple to use and features numerous swing analysis features that can help golfers of all levels get better more quickly. Golf coaches can also implement the Live View Pro into their teaching regimen to help plays relate their desired positions with their internal feelings.

 Connecting feel vs. real is often one of the hardest hurdles students face during golf lessons and the Live View Pro helps bridge this gap. Self-taught golfers can also find tremendous value in the Live View Pro as it becomes a second set of eyes that can travel to any course you attend and be positioned at any angle for improved feedback.

The Live View Pro is one of the best training aids and practice tools ever submitted to GolfersAuthority and we believe that it can make an instant impact on your game. The Live View Pro is user-friendly and takes almost no time to set up. Simply download an app, position the camera, and shoot lower scores.


  • Digital Swing Mirror technology allows players to view their golf swing live in any angle they wish.
  • Automatic swing detection and slow-motion capture ensure that players can take many swings without stopping and never miss a shot.
  • The Live View Pro is extremely light and portable and can be taken to and from the course with ease.


  • Spending over $300 for a training aid may take away from the budget players can use to practice and play.
  • Live View Pro does not offer any feedback for players to help change their delivery conditions, it is simply a monitoring device.
  • The 2-hour battery life may not be long enough for players who wish to practice for an extended period of time.

Our Experience

The Live View Pro is a game-changing golf swing analysis tool that provides an external view of your swing. Here's our experience using this innovative camera:

Ease of Setup
Setting up the Live View Pro is a breeze. The camera connects to your iPad or phone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to view your swing in real-time. The included remote control connects via Bluetooth for easy recording. We found the setup process to be straightforward and hassle-free.

Image Quality
The Live View Pro delivers excellent image quality, especially in low-light conditions. The larger sensor and lens compared to the previous model make it ideal for indoor use. Compared to the previous model, the larger sensor and lens  We were impressed by the clarity and detail of the swing footage, which made it easy to analyze our technique.

Swing Analysis Features
The Live View Pro app offers a range of useful features for swing analysis. You can draw lines and angles on the screen to check your swing plane and posture. The delayed recording function allows you to review your swing in slow motion after each shot. These features are invaluable for identifying areas for improvement and making adjustments to your technique.

Despite its larger size compared to the Live View Plus, the Pro model is still highly portable. The included tripod mount allows you to set up the camera quickly on any surface. We found it easy to take the Live View Pro to the driving range or golf course for on-the-go swing analysis.

While the Live View Pro is a significant investment, we believe it offers excellent value for money. The ability to analyze your swing from an external perspective is a game-changer, and the camera's durability and versatility make it a worthwhile purchase for a serious golfer. Overall, our experience with the Live View Pro has been overwhelmingly positive. The camera's ease of use, image quality, and swing analysis features have helped us make significant improvements to our golf game. We highly recommend the Live View Pro to any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Live View Pro camera?

The Live View Pro allows golfers to capture their swing from any angle, providing a golf studio that fits in your pocket. It records in HD 720p at 120 fps or 1080p at 30 fps. The camera has a 1700mAh lithium polymer battery that provides 90 minutes of use time.

What devices is the Live View Pro compatible with?

The Live View Pro is compatible with Apple iOS 14+, Android 9+, and Amazon FireOS 7+. It connects to these devices via WiFi 802.11 N on the 2.4 GHz band and Bluetooth 4.2.

What is the minimum distance for capturing a full swing with the Live View Pro?

The minimum distance for capturing a full swing is 4 feet from the camera.

How do I view the video from the Live View Pro camera?

To view the video, the camera must have a SIM card inserted. Then you can view the live video feed on your connected device. Refer to the "FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions" at the Live View Pro website for more details.

Where can I purchase the Live View Pro camera?

The Live View Pro is available on the GolfBays website and on Amazon. It is a popular product for golfers looking to analyze and improve their swing.


While the Live View Pro will not give you any motor feedback of your golf swing. The real-time visual monitoring it provides is invaluable to players that want to take their game to the next level. Regardless if you are a handicap golfer looking to  cure your slice  or an elite player looking to compete at the highest level, Live View Pro offers a more simple and complete practice setting.

 Mirrored practice has long been a staple in the golf teaching and coaching world, gone now are the days of having to tote an entire mirror with you to the practice area. Simply place the Live View Pro on its tripod adapter and you are ready to shoot. Live View Pro also is an exceptional tool for content creators or coaches that wish to help their students via online or remote lessons. 

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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