Mitsubishi Diamana TB Shaft Review

Mitsubishi Diamana TB Shaft Review

By Paul Liberatore



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The Diamana golf shaft line from Mitsubishi is one of the most widely-used performance lines. The fifth generation TB Series Diamana features a new Consistent Feel Design that enable golfers to get a more precise fit without having to alter their weight or flex preference. We built the Mitsubishi Diamana TB shafts into drivers and fairway woods to see how it can help your game.

Key Features

Consistent Feel Design ensures that player can match with their ideal weight and flex builds to get the highest levels of performance.

High quality carbon fiber materials in the Diamana TB create a golf shaft that feels smooth but packs power at impact.

Many golfers will find success with the TB due to its versatile profile.

Design and Technology

Dual-phase carbon-rich structures in each Diamana TB shaft provide more response during the swing without weakening the overall composition of the Diamana TB shaft. Mitsubishi’s all-new Consistent Feel Design goes further to create less variation between shafts and more consistency in the club fit and club build. 

Players can get exactly what they need in almost any weight category thanks to this more highly controlled weight and balance point positioning. The result is a range of golf shafts that can be built to match driver and fairway woods for almost every type of golfer. 


  • Coving a wide range of weight and flex options, the Diamana TB golf shaft can be built to almost any golfer’s delivery.
  • Many of the most popular drivers and fairway wood club heads will pair well with the middle launch, middle spin profile of the Diamana TB shaft.
  • Mitsubishi’s Consistent Feel Designs helps players select their ideal weight and flex properties without sacrificing performance.


  • Aggressive players will likely prefer a more tip stiff golf shaft design.
  • Only advanced club fitting centers are likely to have the Diamana TB shaft for demoing.
  • The blue and white colorway of the golf shaft may be too bold for golfers that prefer a traditional appearance.

Our Experience

Immediately, the Diamana TB golf shaft provides a smooth response. During swings with the driver, the Diamana TB provides effortless loading and unloading to deliver power through the golf ball for more distance. In the fairway wood models, the golf ball lifts easily providing more options for players, especially at lower swing speeds. Overall, the Diamana TB is a pleasure to use and seems to be a good performance match for many different swing styles and swing speeds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Mitsubishi Diamana TB shaft?

The Diamana TB features Mitsubishi's Consistent Feel Design, which minimizes variance in butt diameter, weight, and balance point across the entire shaft lineup. It has a mid-launching, mid-spinning profile with a firm midsection and active tip section. The shaft also uses Mitsubishi's Xlink Tech Resin System to increase carbon fiber volume for a better feel without sacrificing strength.

How does the Diamana TB compare to previous Diamana "Blueboard" models?

The Diamana TB is considered the modern successor to the iconic Diamana Blueboard. It maintains the smooth, pleasing feel that the Blueboard was known for, but with updated technologies and design features to improve consistency and performance.

What type of golfer is the Diamana TB best suited for?

The Diamana TB is designed to have a mid-launch, mid-spin profile that should appeal to a wide range of golfers. Its Consistent Feel Design makes it easy to fit and dial in the optimal weight and flex for each individual player's swing.

How does the Diamana TB's performance compare to other Diamana shaft models like the PD and GT?

Reviews indicate the Diamana TB offers excellent control and predictability, with a smooth, effortless feel. Compared to the lower-launching PD, the TB launches the ball a bit higher. The GT model sits between the TB and PD in terms of launch and spin characteristics.

Where can I purchase the Mitsubishi Diamana TB shaft?

The Diamana TB is available through authorized Mitsubishi Golf shaft dealers and fitters. Many online golf retailers also carry the Diamana TB as an aftermarket shaft option for custom club builds and upgrades.


Mitsubishi continues to propel the Diamana series of golf shaft forward improving in both material design and performance. Consistent Feel Design in the fifth generation Diamana TB shaft ensures players can match their swing to the weight and flex that is best for them without changing balance points and feels drastically. The Diamana TB is a middle launch, middle spin golf shaft that can be used easily as a replacement for stock driver and fairway wood shafts for a wide variety of golfers of all skill levels.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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