Odyssey Toe Up Putter Review

Odyssey Toe Up Putter Review

By Paul Liberatore



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When Odyssey introduced the Toe Up putter in 2016, no one knew anything about it until it showed up unannounced in the Odyssey merchandise booth at the PGA Merchandise Show. Meant to be a sidebar release with the White Hot Rx, the Toe Up putter was anything but. Designed with an emphasis on making the head easier to control throughout the stroke, the Top Up putter has received rave reviews. Available in two of Odyssey’s classic blade head designs (#1 and #9), the Toe Up putter is a great option for any player looking to reduce torque and strike putts more consistently.

Key Features

Stroke Balanced Technology balances weight toward the front of the clubhead ensuring that the hands will always be ahead of the center of gravity, greatly reducing face rotation during the stroke.

Hosel design that centers the shaft axis directly over the center of gravity reduces torque through impact.

The milled face features a chemically etched oval pattern that increases friction at impact to get the ball rolling quickly off the face.

The balance and design of the ODYSSEY Toe Up #1 Putter are nothing short of remarkable, allowing for precise directionality and unmatched consistency in every stroke. 

The weight distribution and center-shafted design work harmoniously to provide a level of stability and control that I've never experienced before. 

As a result, mishits are a thing of the past, and my accuracy has been enhanced to a whole new level.

Design and Technology

Odyssey has never been afraid to think outside the box when it comes to putter design. When they decided to use the cover of the Callaway Rule 35 golf ball as an insert for the White Hot putter nearly 20 years ago, their competitors thought they were crazy. No one would guess that the original White Hot would become one of the most iconic putters in history. Odyssey has kept that innovative spirit alive with the Toe Putter that defies modern putter design on a number of levels.

Stroke Balanced Technology is proven to reduce torque through impact and consistently deliver the face to a square position at impact. While most modern putter designs move the center of gravity back in the clubhead through perimeter weighting, it is centered directly behind the face in the Toe Up putters. The end result is a face that balances toe up, unlike any other putter on the market.


  • Face Balanced allows players to start the ball on their intended line
  • Center of gravity located toward the front helps to greatly reduce torque
  • The chemically milled oval pattern on the face gets the ball rolling quickly


  • Offset blade head designs may take some getting used to for players used to hitting a mallet
  • Lack of custom options and adjustability may be limiting factors for some players
  • The milled face may be too firm for players used to softer inserts on their putter

Our Experience

We were excited to get our hands on the new Odyssey Toe Up putters after the hype surrounding their unannounced debut at the PGA Show. The Toe Up technology is designed to reduce torque during the stroke, keeping the face more stable and promoting a more consistent roll.

The Toe Up #1 is a classic heel-toe weighted blade that will likely appeal to a wide range of golfers. While it looks similar to an Anser-style putter, it plays quite differently. The #9 model may not be as popular with traditional players.

Odyssey's ability to broadly distribute the Toe Up line is a key advantage. These putters will be readily available to many golfers who may not have access to other torque-balanced or toe-up models from smaller brands. This makes the Toe Up an accessible option for those looking to try a new putting style.

While the Toe Up technology won't cure all putting woes, it provides struggling golfers with a new design to experiment with. If it helps make putting more enjoyable and less of a struggle, that's a win. Ultimately, the Toe Up putters are worthy of investigation as a potential game-improvement option for many golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the ODYSSEY Toe up #1 Putter Golf Club Cater to the Needs of Beginner Golfers?

For beginner golfers, the Odyssey Toe Up #1 putter offers alignment aids and balanced weight distribution, aiding putting techniques. Its design promotes stability and helps in learning to putt effectively.

What Specific Design Features Set the ODYSSEY Toe up #1 Putter Golf Club Apart From Other Putters on the Market?

As a golfer, I appreciate the unique design features of the ODYSSEY Toe Up #1 putter. Its innovative balance and alignment make it stand out. The center-shafted design enhances stability and aim, leading to improved putting performance.

How Does the Design of the ODYSSEY Toe up #1 Putter Golf Club Contribute to Putting Accuracy and Consistency?

The design features of the ODYSSEY Toe Up #1 putter golf club directly contribute to my putting performance. The balanced weight distribution and center shaft design enhance accuracy and consistency, providing a more controlled and confident putting stroke.

Can You Provide the Exact Weight and Dimensions of the ODYSSEY Toe up #1 Putter Golf Club for Those Considering a Purchase?

Sure, the ODYSSEY Toe Up #1 Putter Golf Club weighs 1.4 pounds and measures 36.22 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches. These dimensions and weight make it a great choice for beginner golfers considering a purchase.

What Are the Main Pros and Cons of Using the ODYSSEY Toe up #1 Putter Golf Club According to Customer Reviews and Feedback?

Using the ODYSSEY Toe Up #1 Putter Golf Club, customers report improved performance and satisfaction. It’s balanced, promotes better aim, and contributes to lower scores. Some mention it’s helped reduce 3-putts and feels durable.


Most putter manufacturers have worked to reduce torque in the putting stroke through the implementation of counter balancing and perimeter weighting. While these methods have worked to some extent, no company has reduced torque in the manner that Odyessey has with the Toe Up putter. Though met with skepticism upon its initial release, the Toe Up putter now speaks for itself and is a mainstay in the marketplace.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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