Ping G400 Driver Review

Ping G400 Driver Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Ping  drivers  have long been known as some of the most  forgiving , well-engineered on the market and the Ping G400 is certainly no exception. Having received the Gold rating on Golf Digest’s 2018 Hot List, the Ping G400 boasts several technological and design improvements from last year’s Ping G model. The G400 has been proven to provide increased forgiveness and accuracy for golfers from the PGA Tour down to rank beginners. If more fairways and forgiveness are what you’re looking for, then the Ping G400 is the  drive r for you.

Key Features

The forged T9S+ face increases flexing at impact for faster ball speed and powerful feel and sound.

The high-density tungsten back weight creates a high MOI resulting in increased forgiveness on mishits.

Dragonfly Technology makes the crown and skirt thinner allowing weight to be moved from the top of the head to other areas for more optimal center of gravity location and increased forgiveness.

The PING G400 driver is a top choice for golfers seeking improved feel, sound, and increased clubhead speed. Its innovative design features an internal rib structure, crown turbulators, and Vortec Technology. The target audience for this driver includes golfers who prioritize distance, accuracy and feel. 

The G400 driver offers an increase in clubhead speed, thanks to its multi-material design, combined MOI over 9,000, and deep CG. These features contribute to increased speed, distance, and accuracy. 

The streamlined shape, bolder turbulators, and Vortec Technology reduce drag, leading to enhanced aerodynamics and stability.

Design and Technology

The Ping G400 is designed for any player seeking maximum accuracy and forgiveness. Streamlined head design, a thin forged face, a customizable tungsten backweight, and a thin crown and skirt make the G400 one of the most well-built drivers available.

The head shape of the G400 is smaller (445 cc) and much more aerodynamic than the previous G driver. Incorporation of Vortec Technology and turbulators on the crown reduce drag mid-downswing by 40% and overall by 15% resulting in faster clubhead speed, ball speed, and more stability at impact.

The forged T9S+ face is one of the most flexible on the market meaning it literally bends upon contact creating a trampoline effect that increases ball speed. Because the face is forged instead of cast, it provides the player with a solid feel and more precise feedback on mishits.

Dragonfly Technology has made the top of the club incredibly thin which enables the center of gravity to be moved lower and further back in the club creating optimal conditions for high launch and  low spin . The thinner crown and lower center of gravity also increase MOI.

The high-density tungsten backweight is the most forgiving feature of the G400. The weight is also interchangeable allowing players to customize their swing weight and adjust the loft one degree up or down.


  • A low CG helps to create optimal launch conditions, while also maximizing MOI
  • A streamlined head shape and Vortec Technology improve aerodynamics for faster clubhead speed
  • The tungsten backweight increases forgiveness and allows players to customize their swing weight


  • The G400 has not proven to add much distance over the previous Ping G model
  • The smaller 445 cc head may be slightly less forgiving for some players who are used to 460cc drivers
  • Limited loft options may discourage some players who are looking for more choices in their setup

Our Experience

The Ping G400 driver is one of the most forgiving and high-performing drivers on the market. We found it to have a great combination of looks, feel, sound, and most importantly, performance.

The G400 has a compact, strong look at address with a matte black crown that focuses your attention on the ball. The crown features Ping's Dragonfly technology which makes it ultra-thin (.43mm) to save weight, along with large Turbulators near the face to reduce drag.

In terms of feel and sound, the G400 is incredibly solid and quiet at impact, with a deep, rich tone that golfers love. Even on mishits, the feedback through your hands is excellent.

The real standout is the performance. Ping says the G400 has the "deepest CG and highest MOI in golf" and we found this to be true. The forgiveness is simply incredible - ball speed barely drops on mishits and the ball stays in play.We tested the standard G400 head, the draw-biased SFT, and the low-spin LST. The standard head is the best fit for most players, while the SFT helps straighten out a slice and the LST reduces spin for faster swing speeds.

Overall, the Ping G400 driver is a no-brainer upgrade for most golfers. It instills confidence off the tee with its combination of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. We highly recommend giving it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Driver Be Customized for Left-Handed Players?

Yes, the PING G400 driver can be customized for left-handed players. This driver offers adjustable loft to fit player preferences and provides excellent performance. The streamlined shape and multi-material design enhance aerodynamics, stability, speed, and accuracy.

What Are the Specific Materials Used in the Construction of the G400 Driver?

The specific materials used in the construction of the G400 driver contribute to its performance, forgiveness, and customization options. The multi-material design, including the T9S+ forged face, deep CG, and graphite shaft, caters to player preferences and allows loft adjustment.

Are There Any Additional Shaft Options Available for This Driver?

Oh boy, let me tell you about the shaft options for this driver! It’s customizable to fit your swing perfectly. With various shaft materials and flexes, you can dial in your performance.

How Does the G400 Driver Compare to Previous Models in Terms of Forgiveness on Off-Center Hits?

Compared to previous models, the G400 driver offers enhanced forgiveness on off-center hits, resulting in improved ball speed and performance. Its advanced design and multi-material construction provide exceptional forgiveness and increased performance.

Can the Loft of the Driver Be Adjusted to Suit Different Player Preferences?

Yes, the loft of the driver can be adjusted to suit different player preferences. This feature allows for customized performance based on individual swing characteristics and launch conditions, enhancing overall playability and shot versatility.


The Ping G400 is a great club for any player that is seeking greater accuracy and forgiveness. With a new streamlined head shape, forged face, low center of gravity, and adjustable back weight, players of all abilities can benefit from the G400’s performance features.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

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