Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX Shaft Review

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX Shaft Review

By Paul Liberatore



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In the newest series of HZRDUS Smoke golf shafts, Project X is introducing the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX. The Smoke Blue RDX is a counter balanced golf shaft with a soft middle section and stiff tip section. This shaft produces golf shots that generally are medium to low launching with low spin. Combining these launch and spin conditions with low spin drivers or fairway woods coming from the deck can lead to more distance and lower scores. Here, we review the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft in detail to try and help you decide if this shaft is right for your game. 

Key Features

Project X has designed the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX with a higher balance point to create a counter balanced feel.

The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX combines medium-low launch with low spin for more explosive distance.

Versatile in nature, the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX can improve the game of golfers with a variety of swing types. 

One of the best attributes of the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX golf shaft is how widely it appeals to golfers of all types. Getting fit for your golf shaft is the only way to truly know if one is for you or not, but the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX is a versatile option that performs well in many golfer’s hands. 

The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX is great when paired with heavier club heads like Ping drives and fairway woods and can lead to good distance improvements for golfers with almost all swing speeds.

Design and Technology

Teaming up with Hexcel, Project X has created golf shafts made with 100% aerospace grade materials. The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX joins the HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX in the family of ultra-premium golf shafts. The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX is made with HexTow carbon fibers strategically placed to increase stiffness in the butt and tip sections while leaving more room for life in the middle section. HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX will replace the familiar HZRDUS Yellow series that so many golfers have had success with.


  • Counter balanced golf shafts, like the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, can increase the ball speed of drivers by allowing golfers to swing faster.
  • The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shafts promotes medium to low launch and low spin to deliver more distance to more golfers.
  • Players generally found the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft to have an exceptionally smooth feel.


  • The softer middle section of the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX may be too active for some players.
  • Without changing the head weight of your driver or fairway wood, changing to the HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX may decrease the swing weight of your club due to the counter balance design.
  • Only advanced fitting locations will have the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft for demo and purchase.

Our Experience

Project X has pushed the limits of their golf shaft production to 100% with the use of Hexcel fibers. The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft helps provide distance and accuracy to golfers with a smooth feel. HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX is counter balanced and can allows gofers to add weight to their club heads for even more ball speeds and distance. Golfers of all swing speeds can fit into a HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX model due to its versatility and effortless power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft?

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft features a high-modulus graphite construction designed to provide a low, penetrating ball flight with increased stability and control. Key features include a mid-launch, mid-spin profile and a firm, stable feel.

How does the Smoke Blue RDX shaft perform compared to previous HZRDUS models?

Compared to earlier HZRDUS shafts, the Smoke Blue RDX offers a slightly lower launch and spin characteristics, making it well-suited for players seeking a more penetrating ball flight. It maintains the signature HZRDUS stability and control while providing a smoother, more refined feel.

What types of players will benefit most from the Smoke Blue RDX shaft?

The Smoke Blue RDX shaft is designed for players with medium to faster swing speeds who prefer a mid-launch, low-spin ball flight. It can help players who struggle with excessive spin or launch optimize their performance.

How does the Smoke Blue RDX compare to other premium aftermarket shaft options?

The Smoke Blue RDX competes with other high-performance shafts in the mid-launch, low-spin category, such as the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw and the Fujikura Ventus Black. It offers a unique blend of stability, control, and feel that many players find appealing.

What are the available flexes and weights for the Smoke Blue RDX shaft?

The Smoke Blue RDX shaft is offered in a range of flexes, including R, S, and X, and in weights from 60g to 80g. This allows fitters to properly match the shaft to a player's swing characteristics and preferences.


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