Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter Review

Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter Review

By Paul Liberatore



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One of the most awarded and innovative golf putting brands in the last several years has been, without question, Evnroll. Evnroll putters are designed by Guerin Rife, a putting mastermind that has created an all-new technology to help golfers hole more putts.

 Each  Evnroll putter  has “The Sweetest Face in Golf” and utilizes a progressive face milling pattern that gives golfers more forgiveness across the face and helps direct putts from the heel and toe back onto target. 

The newest Evnroll putter, the ER10 Outback combines all the revolutionary technology of prior Evnroll putters with an oversized, high-MOI design to maximize  forgiveness  and performance for all golfers.

Key Features

The Evnroll ER10 Outback putter features the patented Evnroll milled groove pattern that helps golfers hit more accurate putts from heel and toe strikes.

The ER10 putter is an extremely high-MOI mallet putter than can offer more forgiveness across the face and better accuracy especially on long range putts.

The ER10 includes the a dual-dot alignment aid that can help golfers aim their putter on their chosen line and begin their roll more consistently.

Design and Technology

The ER10 Outback putter is foremost an oversized  mallet putter  with an ultra-high moment of inertia (MOI). This high-MOI allows golfers to mishit the putter and not be punished as much as they would be with more traditional, compact blade styles. The ER10 comes with Evnroll’s signature face milled groove technology – The Sweetest Face in Golf – that has been proven to help golfers hit more putts on target and improve performance on the greens. 

 The ER10 features the dual-dot alignment system, common to all Evnroll putters, and features a two-tone color for enhanced visual contrast at address.


  • The Evnroll ER10 Outback putter features all of the benefits of the Evnroll face groove pattern as well as an ultra-stable high-MOI construction.
  • The ER10 is an oversized mallet that will help many golfers improve putting performance especially on longer putts.
  • The ER10 is a technologically packed putter with benefits that will directly translate to lower scores for many golfers.


  • The Evnroll ER10 Outback putter may be hard to get in your hands depending on where you are located without buying one first.
  • Some golfers may prefer the look of one color throughout the putter rather than the two color, high contract design.
  • Golfers looking for a more traditional putter shape would be better going with the Evnroll ER1, ER2, or ER3 models.

Our Experience

I have been a fan of Evnroll putters since their introduction in 2015. I 100% believe that their face technology improves the accuracy of golfer’s putts and can help pace control as well. The ER10 delivers even more forgiveness thanks to its high-MOI design. The feel of the ER10 is also better than some of the first Evnroll putters I have experience with. For those that have tried Evnroll before, but not found their ideal fit, the ER10 Outback demands another look.

For golfers that typically prefer  blade shapes  over  mallets  but want more performance, the ER10 may be the best in golf. Personally I tend to fit into that class. I do not favor mallet style putters as I struggle to aim them as accurately as the blade putters I have tested. The ER10 was the first mallet putter that tested as accurate for my aim as smaller blade models. I am confident that the dual-dot design and color contrast is aiding in my ability to place the ER10 on the  line I want to start my golf ball .

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter unique?

The Evnroll ER10 Outback is a mallet-style putter that features Evnroll's patented "Sweet Face" technology, which uses milled grooves to provide uniform energy transfer across the face for consistent distance control on off-center hits.

What type of grip does the ER10 Outback come with?

The ER10 Outback can be custom ordered with various grip options, including Evnroll's own Gravity grip. One user experimented with replacing the stock grip with a lighter Super Stroke Traxion 2.0 grip to change the overall weight and feel of the putter.

Is the ER10 Outback available in different lengths?

The search results do not specify the available lengths for the ER10 Outback. Evnroll likely offers standard putter lengths, but the exact options are not mentioned.

How does the ER10 Outback compare to other Evnroll putter models?

The ER10 Outback is compared to the ER7 and ER8v models in the search results. One user sold their ER7 and replaced it with an ER8v, but then later acquired a preowned ER10 Outback. This suggests the ER10 Outback is a well-regarded model in the Evnroll lineup.

Is the ER10 Outback suitable for all types of golfers?

The search results do not provide enough information to determine if the ER10 Outback is suitable for all golfers. Putter selection is highly personal and depends on factors such as stroke type, green reading ability, and personal preference. As with any putter, it's best to try the ER10 Outback in person if possible to see if it suits your putting style.


Evnroll putters continue to lead the way in terms of pure putting performance in a technologically packed lineup. The ER10 Outback takes all of these technologies including The Sweetest Face in Golf, the dual-dot alignment aid, and the Gravity Grip, and delivers them in a forgiving, ultra-stable, high-MOI mallet profile that can give golfers more confidence and accelerated performance on the greens. 

The ER10 proves to be one of the easiest mallet style putters to aim on target and the Evnroll milled face grooves help keep every putt on target and on distance even on heel and toe strikes. When getting fit for your next putter, make sure that one of the Evnroll models is on your list and make sure that the ER10 gets a shot.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

As the Founder of Golfers Authority Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment or instruction from the top golf instructors in the world. He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated Golf and GolfWRX. After graduating with honors from Purdue University, he realized that he had a passion for the golf business and the law. When he's not practicing law, or creating golf content on YouTube, he can be found on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast talking with the most prolific leaders in the golf industry. 

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