Mission Belt Review

Mission Belt Review

By Paul Liberatore



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Mission Belt is specializing in  golf and fashion belts  that fit all styles and shapes of golfers every time. Their no hole, rachet style belts ensure a precision fit and more comfort no matter what outfit you decide to wear. No more struggling with in between sizes that restrict you on the course. Keep your favorite pants and polos and upgrade your wardrobe with a belt that can be tailored to your exact fit.

Key Features

Rachet style buckles ensure that each golfer gets an individualized fit with no fear of being in between sizes.

Interchangeable buckles and straps help create multiple belts in one design allowing user to alter their look without buying an all new belt.

Each belt sold is used to fund global initiatives to fight hunger and poverty.

With the Mission Belt, you get a perfect fit every single time, without any hassle. Plus, the innovative closure mechanism allows for custom-fit and 1-inch size adjustments, giving you unparalleled convenience and comfort. 

It’s like having a tailor-made belt that effortlessly adapts to your body. But wait, there’s more! 

The Mission Belt isn’t just a pretty face – it’s built to last. Crafted with durable and high-quality materials, this belt can withstand whatever life throws at it.

Design and Technology

Each Mission Belt uses a rachet style system to give players a wider range of fit options and a more secure, comfortable closure. Leather or nylon straps are interchangeable and can be swapped in and out of your favorite buckles for a diversified look. 


  • Rachet style buckles help create a tailored fit to players of all shapes and sizes without restricting their golf swings.
  • Interchangeable straps and buckles allow golfers to purchase fewer pieces and leverage a more versatile accessory platform.
  • Mission Belts are exceptionally well made and create a sophisticated, versatile, and fully functional look.


  • Rachet style buckles can become bulkier than traditional closure systems and may not be preferred by all users.
  • Sports fans will love the ability to match their belt to a specific college or professional teams, but no current NFL options are available.
  • Many golfers will not be able to test Mission Belts and compare them to their current belt options before purchasing.

Our Experience

It is often an afterthought of many players what they will wear on the golf course. Many golfers may buy items to resemble their favorite players or to represent their favorite golfing venues. Mission Belt is giving golfers a better option in their accessory choice by allowing all shapes and sizes players to find their ideal fit.

 Admittedly, I often chose my golf belt based on color and size alone. I constantly found myself in between sizes especially as I was swapping between shorts or golfing pants as the seasons changed. Mission Belt solves all of these problems with a simple-to-use rachet style closing system and a superior fitting belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Mission Belt Be Worn With Formal Attire, or Is It More Suitable for Casual Wear?

I’ve worn my Mission Belt with formal attire and it looks great. The sleek design and genuine leather make it suitable for formal occasions. The ratchet buckle ensures a perfect fit, making it compatible with any outfit.

How Does the Innovative Belt Closure System Work, and Is It Easy to Use?

The innovative closure system of the Mission Belt is a game-changer. Its functionality is unmatched, and the user experience is top-notch. Adjusting the belt is a breeze, and the locking mechanism ensures a perfect fit every time.

What Is the Expected Lifespan of the Mission Belt in Terms of Durability and Regular Wear?

I wear my Mission Belt every day. It’s durable and withstands regular wear. The ratchet buckle ensures a perfect fit, and it’s fashion-compatible. Based on customer insights, it’s expected to last a long time, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Can You Provide More Details About the Ratchet Belt Buckle and How It Differs From Traditional Belt Buckles?

The ratchet buckle on the Mission Belt differs from traditional buckles by providing a smooth and adjustable closure without holes. It’s durable and easy to use, making it a practical choice for everyday wear.

What Are the Main Pros and Cons of the Mission Belt That Customers Should Be Aware of Before Making a Purchase?

Before buying my Mission Belt, consider its pros: custom fit, sleek design, and genuine leather. But there are cons like scratching on the buckle. It’s versatile, perfect for formal or casual wear, and the material’s high quality.


If you have never thought about your golf belt before and you find yourself tugging at your clothing while on the course, it may be time to more carefully consider your options. Mission Belt has advanced the belt buckle system to better accommodate players of all sizes. 

Golfers  that have struggled to find a design or fit they love, now get the best of both worlds with the Mission Belt line. Children can finally get a product that works for them but will not have to be thrown out as soon as they take their next growth spurt. Mission Belt may not relate directly to your golf swing but having the comfort and freedom to move is invaluable when trying to perform at your best.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

As the Founder of Golfers Authority Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment or instruction from the top golf instructors in the world. He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated Golf and GolfWRX. After graduating with honors from Purdue University, he realized that he had a passion for the golf business and the law. When he's not practicing law, or creating golf content on YouTube, he can be found on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast talking with the most prolific leaders in the golf industry. 

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